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News | 26 Nov. 2021

Ruiter Singapore Pte. Ltd. - The New Heinzelmann Distributor (Singapore)

As the culinary world hurries by with a flurry of unprecedented creations and food revolution, the food service and hospitality markets must be ready, at all times, to meet expectations. For this reason, Ruiter Singapore Pte. Ltd. is the answer: from aligning and providing the fundamental parts, to the most extraordinary demands in the whole perfect scheme of things.

Given a healthily evolving culinary world, change is a privilege. Ruiter Singapore Pte. Ltd. honours that privilege by constantly sourcing for premium products from top-tier hospitality brands that serves customers’ business.

The distinction between professionals and amateurs is a simple one, only to be defined in the creative mind. Ruiter Singapore Pte. Ltd. is not just strategic without purpose; it goes above and beyond. Always.

This evident claim is simply reflected in the complementing line of other specialised equipment to hotels, restaurant/café concepts, consultation and set-up.

Exquisite execution for every barista or barman’s liquid wonder; elegant banquet outfit for every celebration; immaculate housekeeping to ensure head-to-toe comfort for every hotel guest, and definitive chef jackets. These are all old faithful in such a vast and dynamic industry yet Ruiter Far East puts these needs into order and created a harmonious thread despite competitive trends.

Ruiter Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Blk 5 AMK Tech 2 #03-14, Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, Singapore 567760

Tel: +65 6483 3022 | Email: