Meet the Machine

The Heinzelmann Pro is designed to withstand continuous daily operation. It makes food preparation and cooking processes faster and more consistent than ever before, without compromising quality.

Built to last


Ergonomic handle design

German technology components

Solid stand

and practical cable storage

Transparent cap

with light

high-grade stainless steel bowl

extra hardened stainless steel blades

Robust housing with powerful motor

Reliable & Performance focused

Manual Controls

Simple and intuitive operation
1 Temperature Control

800W heating power with a temperature range from 37­­°C to 130°C

2 Reverse - TURBO - Pulse

REVERSE - gentile reverse stirring with the blunt blade edge

TURBO - speed of max. 11000 blade rpm for extra smooth results

PULSE - useful interval pulse operation for refined results

3 Timer

timing and control as desired

4 Speed

10 speed settings - from easy stirring or chopping or high-speed blending giving you the right result.

And the best, all speed settings are available at all heat settings!

5 Pause

a very practical function, allowing you to PAUSE, open the lid and taste or check the consistency etc. with out re-setting. All the current settings are kept!

Chef Reviews

Technical Specification

Motor Power:
10 speed settings + Turbo, max. 11000 rpm
Heating Power:
800W, Heat range 37C - 130C
High grade, hardened stainless steel
High grade stainless steel
Electrical Rating:
110/120V, 220/240V, 50/60Hz
Design Feature:
Large rear vents for thermal protection
1.5m and quick, easy storage at rear
Spatula, simmering basket, whisk, Lid, measuring cup + removable light

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